Camouflage Bedding for Your Boy's Room

Feb 14, 2016 0 Comments
Camouflage Bedding for Your Boy's Room

Camouflage bedding has changed over the years. When the camouflage pattern was first introduced it had a specific purpose.  The primary design was to keep soldiers from being spotted as they moved along the ground in the desert or hid from the enemy deep in the jungle. Perhaps little boys first embraced camouflage bedding when their dads or moms were in the military or maybe it was when they received their first G.I. Joe doll.


Regardless of how camouflage bedding evolved, little boys today still enjoy climbing between camouflage sheets and resting their heads on camouflage pillow cases.  Just as little boys began to want to dress like G.I. Joe and sleep in bedding like G.I. Joe parents began to accept the idea of creating a bedroom with a khaki and olive green decor.


The days of enduring olive drab and khaki are gone.  While some kids prefer the original colors today camouflage bedding for boys has reached beyond the original design.   The new colors have made parents more receptive to decorating the little boy’s bedroom in camouflage patterns and colors. The patterns have evolved from what once looked like paint spots to a subtle blend of colors with a wide variation in hues.


As the camouflage bedding patterns have persisted the colors have evolved. Today both the child and the parent can be satisfied with camouflage as the room’s theme. Green camouflage bedding for boys has become a hit among the young and the parents. Designers have also embraced the freedom to change the colors while maintaining the pattern.


Green camouflage bedding for boys offers a range of hues that will complement most little boys’ bedrooms. Whether the parent wishes to decorate with a green camouflage comforter with solid green sheets or discreetly hide green camouflage sheets beneath a solid green comforter, there is a camouflage bedding ensemble that is just right for the little boy.